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Portrait and Commercial Photography that is rich in color, emotion and story. And perhaps, a little edgy.

Let’s be bold, maybe a little daring. Let’s create timeless and contemporary portraits. Let’s break the mold and create something new. Let’s explore and discover. Let’s challenge and define. Below are the sessions I specialize in, with posts from Senior Portraits to Business Headshots, recent shoots, and other things I find interesting. Dig in, explore, and let’s create something.

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Senior Portraits


Let’s create something, together. Let’s let inspiration be our guide. Let’s allow ourselves to stray off of the beaten path. Let’s talk about who you are. Where are you going? Where have you been? What is it that you have done? What is it that you know you are going to do? This is Senior Portrait Session is all about you. Let’s start, by talking about you.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

~ Oscar Wilde



I believe that everything is possible. Let’s create what you see in your mind’s eye. Our cities are filled with countless locations with which we can let inspiration take hold and lead us to truly unique, timeless, and captivating Senior Portraits. Rivers, waterfalls, skylines, sunrises and sunsets. Edgy, fresh, bold, classic, and contemporary. Are these words you want to be able to use when you describe your Senior Portraits? I thought so…

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”

~ Marilyn Monroe



Let’s take the first steps and then start running. We’ll cover the looks you want. We’ll nail the perfect locations. We’ll cover all the props,  the wardrobe ideas, the make-up artists, the hair-stylist, the old cars, the sport, the dance, and everything that makes you, you. This is your Senior Portrait Session, your way. Let’s get out there and let’s capture it. 

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.”

~ William Shakespeare 



Let’s Talk Inspiration

Get down to business with these great ideas that You can use for inspiration for YOUR Senior Portraits!

Hair, MakeUp, Senior Portraits

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Looking your absolute best! Hair, Makeup, Senior Portraits. Is there any better combination? Only if you add the services of Marni Force (Hair and Makeup Artist) and SMHerrick Photography (Senior Portrait Photography). We want you to love the finished look of your Senior Portraits. Marni and I have teamed up to make sure you do...

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Senior Portraits 2017 – Express Yourself

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Senior Portraits 2017 – Be Expressive! Whether you are a dancer, an athlete, a musician, or a writer, this is the time to be yourself and be expressive. I am a huge fan of studio shoots for shots like the above. I am also a fan of keeping it simple and keeping you at the...

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Senior Portraits and the Perfect Location

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You are getting ready for your Senior Portraits… Wardrobe picked? Great! Have some pose ideas? Great! Haven’t a clue on location? Not a problem. Finding that great location is not always as easy as you may think. I want you to have not only an amazing set of proofs from your Senior Portraits Session, I...

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Business Portraits: aka the “Headshot”

Mull It Over

Let’s grab a cup of Joe and discuss your Brand Identity. Whether or not your are the CEO, Team Lead, or Owner of your own company, you have a Brand that should be identifiable across various media platforms, marketing collateral, and within the organization. Let’s get your Brand Identified. 

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” 

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Manage It

Let’s set the tone and direction of our shoot. Is it an environmental shoot, a studio shoot, or an amalgam? MOST importantly: Who is going to be viewing your Business Portraits? Think of your Business Portrait as you “visual resume.” Who are you submitting this resume to? Whether submitting it is figurative or literal, we need to nail the look so you get seen, in the correct light – pardon the pun. And remember, your Business Portrait may be your first opportunity to introduce yourself. 

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”

~ Milton Berle

Make It Happen

Let’s do this. I want to make you and your Brand shine – they should be synonymous so this shouldn’t be too terrible get them covered all at once. However, you are in front of the lens and if you want to step outside the box a little and mix in some personal shots, let’s do it. I have many Business Portrait clients that can attest to how well mixing the two together works. Just let me know and I will shoot you a reference.  

“Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen.”

~ Wayne Huizenga

“A” Game – nothing less

Get down to business with these great ideas that You can use for inspiration for YOUR Business Portraits!

Business Portraits in Minneapolis | Style Guide

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Not every post is about women’s Fashion. Guys, take a moment every once in a while and make sure your style is on task. These looks are borrowed from a credible source. Take a look and then finish by reading up on why you need to wear this. Less is so often more. Going without...

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Business Portraits by SMHerrick Photography

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Business Portraits that will connect and engage. Today, more than ever before, professional Business Portraits not only help set you apart from your competition, but they influence your client’s purchasing decision. Social Media has successfully injected itself in to virtually every aspect of Business. I am sure you have heard of LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+....

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Business Portraits in Minneapolis | Style

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Business Portraits for Him. The office has changed a lot over the years. The settings have changed. The way we conduct day to day business is completely different. Do your Business Portraits reflect that change? Do they reflect your style? Business Portraits and what to wear for them. It is really about appealing to your...

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Architecture & Interior Design Photography

A Home is...

A place to return to. Raise a family. Host a gathering. Celebrate life’s moments and events. It is all that is familiar and warm to us. Home. You are the key to finding these memory inspiring spaces. We can, together, capture the essence of each and every Home in rich, vibrant, and captivating imagery. Let’s tell a story of these spaces. Let’s help others, find their home. 

“How often have I lain beneath rain on a strange roof, thinking of home.” 

~ William Faulkner 

Your Creations are...

You have designed, forged through conscientious intent, countless spaces that inspire. You create the spaces people live in. They cook, host, relax, and retreat to the rooms and divides that are your art. You labors are the spaces love. Let’s take a few moments to capture these places, in the proper light, from the right perspective, and in ways that exemplify your talents.   

Architects can’t force people to connect, it can only plan the crossing points, remove barriers and make the meeting places useful and attractive.

~ Denise Scott

the Object is...

We have created, now let’s share, engage, pique curiosity, and invoke. Our imagery will draw in your viewers. It will create excitement in what may be, and what will. We can, together, achieve anything. Let’s challenge ourselves to do things better. To work harder for our clients. To be the best that we can. And then show it off! 

“Without promotion, something terrible happens… nothing!”

~ P. T. Barnum

Let’s Build Something

We have so much work to do. Let’s get the ball rolling with a little inspiration.

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So Much to Capture and Take In

Thanks for visiting SMHerrick Photography! I hope you spend a little time looking around and find exactly what you are looking for. In general, the site is divided in to Portrait Photography session types, such as Senior Portraits or Business Portraits. Once you choose the session type that suits your needs, you will reach the home page for that style of photography. Each of these pages contain links to not only galleries, scheduling options and contact information, but also links to blogs on Style, Pinterest Boards, Business and more.

Portrait and Architectural Photographer SMHerrick Photography proudly serves the Minneapolis and St Paul metropolitan areas and beyond.

Senior Portraits

Senior Portraits that define each individual. Countless locations, unique looks, unlimited wardrobes, awesome perks, and price points you won’t believe.

Business Portraits

Business Portraits with the emphasis on you and your Brand. Your Business Portraits need to define you and set you apart from the rest. From Studio to location, your will look amazing and your portrait will get you noticed.

Architectural and Interior Design Photography

Architectural and Interior Design Photography. You need your work clearly and beautifully represented. Take it from a photographer that has been published countless times, I know what it takes and I will make sure your work looks just you envisioned it.

SMHerrick Photography offers:

  • Complete Portrait Printing
  • Albums and Books
  • Fine Art Canvas and Murals
  • And More… not finding what you are looking for? Contact Me