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Family Portraits

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I am web savvy!

Or so at least I tell myself.

Family Portraits by SMHerrick Photography

Some time ago, I decided to completely overhaul my website. Went quite well and I am pleased with the results thus far as well as the ability to tweak and add things here and there. It can safely be said that at any given time, there will be something that I am adding or changing. Recently I decided to revisit my Family and Children’s Portrait side of things. I updated my store – online product showcase which viewed here – and then decided to look once more at my Family Portrait Galleries. This area contains my galleries for both kiddos and families. Perhaps more kids, but whatever. Upon “revisiting” my galleries, I realized it was a first visit since the global site update!!!

Wow was it lacking and all in all a mess. I think my youngest summed it up perfectly, “kinda an epic fail, huh?” Yeah, kinda.

Anyway, it looks much better and is progressing nicely each day. Got a second or two? Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

Thanks for reading!