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The Vision

There is a world around us, beyond us. Discover it, journey alongside of it, relish in it, protect it. SMHerrick Photography | Photography for the World.

The Mission

To provide our clients with breathtakingly remarkable portraits and photography while fulfilling our commitment to give back more to our planet, than we have taken.

SMHerrick Photography

The Code

Our little rock. Our home. Our planet. Our Earth. It is wondrous and filled with breathtaking beauty. It is our choice to allow ourselves to witness it. In all is fragility and in its ever-growing scarcity.

I launched my studio intending to do more than simply take a great picture. I wanted the ability to share with you what I see. To share with others what I have discovered. Additionally, I wanted to take a few moments out of each day and give something back. Help those that need help.

Each time you invest in my studio, you are helping me meet this goal. You provide me the opportunity to invest resources, time, and money into great organizations such as PPA Charities and Operation Smile. Each time you invest in my studio, you invest in the education of those in need through the educational scholarship I have created: SMHerrick Photography Scholarship for Earth.

Beginning this year, I will award $500 to one individual pursing higher education. I will award this based on need and the content of a written essay.

There are small things that each one of us can do. These actions combined create an amazing whole. If nothing else, take some time. Slow down. Leave more than you take.

Some fun facts

I am a creative. I am passionate with photography and other creative things. If you are looking for professional photography, with endless possibilities, you've come to the right place.


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Meet the Photographer

SMHerrick Photography

Long journey to where I am today. I have enjoyed every step. “We can learn from each moment if we allow ourselves to do so.” Great words and something I live by. What can we learn today? What have I learned today? Each time I look through the lens, process a photo, read a book, or go for a run, I look to learn something new. Whether it is about others or myself.

Photography has given me the opportunity show the world how I see things. I believe there are few artists that are afraid to admit they see things differently. That is what makes us artists I suppose. How we see things and then how we relate what we see back to those around us. The process is cool. I get the most enjoyment during the reveal stages of my work. This is when I present my work. I love to see the expressions on people’s faces.

I feel the most important thing you can do in choosing a photographer is making a connection. Photography is very personal. Your photographer needs to be able to understand you and relate to you. What it is that makes you, you. Anyone can take a picture of you. Having a connection with a photographer is the only way you move to having a portrait taken of you. There is a world of difference.