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Business Portraits in Minneapolis | Style Guide

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Not every post is about women’s Fashion.

Guys, take a moment every once in a while and make sure your style is on task. These looks are borrowed from a credible source. Take a look and then finish by reading up on why you need to wear this.


Less is so often more. Going without socks is a judgement call for your workplace, but take a moment to see the bigger picture. Simple and clean lines with modest accents are the key to this look. The worn look of the shoes say a lot about when paired with the trim fit of the suit. Contrast is the word in fashion today. But remember to play it safe. Nothing here says unprofessional. It does say you are aware of the world around you though. Not a bad statement to make.


Do not be afraid of colors. Just be sure that you wear the colors that not only look good on you, but that they are the colors happening today, 2015! Chaulky-colors are very on. So is the knit tie – notice the knit tie is slim and not even remotely bulky, unlike those from say 15-20 years ago. Pocket square brings a nice balance to the look. Shirt color is bold but brought down by the neutrality of the slim fitting suit. Awesome look. Current, perhaps a little edgy, but very cool nonetheless.

With both of these looks, look at the details and tweak what works best for you. Do not be afraid of color and in the same breath, do not step way out of your comfort zone. Toning down the pink would be just fine. There will still be plenty of zing with tie and pocket square and you may feel a little more like you.

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