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Business Portraits in Minneapolis | Style

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Business Portraits for Him.

The office has changed a lot over the years. The settings have changed. The way we conduct day to day business is completely different. Do your Business Portraits reflect that change? Do they reflect your style?

Business Portraits

Business Portraits and what to wear for them.

It is really about appealing to your target: The Potential Client. Many years ago, my brother, an extremely successful salesman, shared with me his philosophy behind his wardrobe and accessories. To abbreviate his story, “I always wear a designer watch. All suits are fitted, and everything is professionally cleaned and pressed. I am always working, regardless of where I am or what I am doing. There is always the possibility that I may be speaking to a potential client. I need to look the part, always.”

Applying this thought to your Business Portraits is the first step. Know your target. Who are they? When and where may they see your Portrait? Ask yourself, “if I were my target market, would I feel connected to the person I see in the portrait?” This is a really difficult thing to do objectively. Most of us are concerned about how we “look” in photos. Few of us stop to think about how we are perceived in our photos.

I do not care if you wear a suit or jeans. One may be more appropriate than the other. But, in either case, the style and look should be current and fit well. It is all about perception. Your potential client is looking at your mugshot and making a decision. Or, you potential client is looking at your Professional Business Portrait, making a connection, and calling you.

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