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The Brand

Without a doubt, we are a visual society. There are staggering statistics out there that confirm it. As we move throughout our daily lives, we are continuously being engaged – visually – by Brand Messaging. In fact, I challenge you to find a moment that you are not surrounded by Brand Messaging.

Good brands have indelible imagery. Good brands convey messages that stick in the mind. Great brands have both. You are, your Brand. The words you choose and the way you express yourself is your message. Your Business Portraits are your indelible imagery.

What should you expect?

Your Business Portraits are going to be your 24/7 connection to the world. Think about your presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google. You want to stand out from the crowd. You want to be recognized in person from your Portrait. You want to convey professionalism. You want personality. You want a solid representation of you. Whether you are a Sole Proprietor or an individual in a large corporation, you are The Brand. Your business portraits need to relate every aspect of it.



So what is my point?

Honestly, I am selling you my brand right now. Somewhere along the line, my Brand made a connection to you. Whether Google brought you here, a blog post, or a referral, some part of my Brand got you this far and I am sure that there was an image tied to it. This is what I promise your Business Portraits, from my studio, will do for you. It will not be overlooked, forgotten, or ignored.

Brands I have worked with?

Countless. Over the years, I have had the pleasure of working with many companies locally, nationally and internationally. I have worked with musicians, authors, pilots, PHD’s, small business owners, to CEOs. Small shops around the corner to Fortune 500. The commonality? Trust. I take your Brand very seriously.

Business Portraits in Minneapolis

What is a Business Portrait Session like?

Painless. I make sure you feel prepared and comfortable throughout the process. I take every aspect of your Business Portraits session very seriously. From being thoroughly prepared at the time of the shoot to doing my homework prior to it. If you have time to shoot the breeze during the shoot, that is fantastic. If we need to stay on task and get the job done, I respect that completely.

Holistically, I am relaxed in nature, like to communicate with people, am genuinely interested in people’s individuality, and laugh wholeheartedly. All of which will be evident during your session.

I am eager to learn about your Brand and translate that in to successful Business Portrait.


Care to see some Galleries? Looking for some Pricing?

What sort of advice can you give me prior to the shoot?

  • Be yourself.
  • This is the time to wear and look your finest.
  • Represent who you are and what your Brand stands for.
  • I do have a slick set of blog posts you may be interested in reading, on this very subject.
  • I have tips and tricks we can discuss.
  • If interested, I can also recommend a Make-Up Artist and a Wardrobe Stylist.

Where and how long?

Your office or my studio. Everything is portable these days. Let’s talk about the desired look and what is most convenient for you.

For timing, twenty minutes and longer in most cases. This ensures we can all be relaxed and comfortable, fire off a few practice snaps, and then get down to the keepers. Mix in some wardrobe changes, a background or lighting change, perhaps a cup of coffee, and we can spend an hour in what seems like a few minutes.

How outlandish is too outlandish for a Business Portrait?

Today, almost anything goes as long as there is an air of professionalism and solid sense of direction. A T-shirt can be super appropriate. So can sitting on cinder blocks in a suit and tie. If it works toward creating a Brand and Message that is representative of you, we are right on task.

Prints? Digital Files?

You have to have digital files in today’s business world. If you want a print, that is great and I will take care of you. As a standard, all of my business sessions are with the assumption that you need high resolution, digital copies for countless uses. Once the session is complete, I will provide you copies on either a DVD or Digital Download. I archive every session indefinitely.  Should you lose your copy, the originals are safe.

Ready to take it to the next level and Build Your Brand?

Business Branding

the indelible brand is a wonderful little offshoot of SMHerrick Photography. From Logo design to Website and everything in between.

Building your Brand begins with identifying what it is that separates your from all the rest. What defines your company. From there, you need to be communicating that Brand. Passionately. Effectively. Continuously. That is what the indelible brand can do for you. The website is launching soon. For now, if you would like to discuss your branding needs, please feel free to contact me via Email.