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The Business Portrait Galleries

In this first section, images are links to the galleries they represent and below each image is brief description, which also contains a link to the gallery.

Your Brand may include business portraits set in a variety of locations for use throughout your marketing strategy.[/su_row]

This Minneapolis Accounting Firm truly wanted to set themselves apart.

They wanted style as well as each member’s personality to shine through in their business portraits.

Great example of Branding!

Business Portraits

Music & Business & Brand. The look and feel of these Minneapolis Business Portraits were a mix of his professional side, and the musician.

Another great session focused on the Entire Business Brand. Avionte is always a blast to work with. Never know exactly what to expect during the shoot.

That is the wonderful thing about their Brand.

This Author wanted to replicate the look from the dust jacket of his first book from some 20 years ago.

We closely mirrored the pose and processed in Black and White.

This Minneapolis Entrepreneur wanted to convey an approachable, outgoing, style. Success. 

How about a handful of favs?

These are just a few pics that have become favorites of mine over the years. I have thrown down the reasons they have won a place as well.


Being Jovial.

Gotta love the goofy smile of this gentleman. He loved this shot. It truly captured his outgoing, lighthearted personality. We used simple lighting for this shot. I got him to relax, tell some jokes, relate his story.  


A Little Blue.

Great portrait here. Opposed to creating a simple black and white, I used a customized blue filter.

Garms Group, INC

Soft Smile.

I often remind my clients that smiles come from within. We can smile with out eyes, eyebrows, etc. This is a great example of smiling through one’s personality.  



There is something about really tight shots. It gives the viewer an opportunity to see into the subject. Love this shot.


Outside the Box.

Working with this model on her Comp-Card was a blast. We had so many great shots. This one, a fav of mine, was caught, obviously, at a lighter moment at the end of a long shoot.


Stoic. Strong. Powerful.

I believe I spoke of this shoot in a post at one time or another. This shot was a collaborative effort with a photographer on the West Coast. We need to shoot employees at two offices, in two different parts of the country, and have them look the same. Worked perfectly.


The Shoes.

I work with Avionte a couple times a year. They always afford their employees the opportunity to be themselves. Great shoots. Always.