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Eden Prairie Senior Portraits the Remix

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Remix what?

Your Senior Portraits. Yes, that is correct, I said Remix your Senior Portraits. Take an awesome pic – one that has a cool prop, or the perfect attitude – and break it down, add some effects and Remix it in to something outrageously cool.


This portrait started out looking awesome. The shoot took place at the studio here in Eden Prairie. Simple lighting and some props that made sense – country music was an interest so we played that up.

We kept the focus on her by not getting carried away with a background that had a lot of movement.

From there we ran through several different poses. Sitting in a chair, sitting on the floor, standing. Really a solid mix that gave her plenty of images to choose from when it came time make the final selections


Back to Remixing Senior Portraits…

I like to get to know my clients. I am not one of those grind-you-through-the-mill-as-fast-as-possible-so-I-can-move-on photographers. By the time of the shoot, I have a pretty good idea of what makes you, you. This client, did a little modeling, was planning on moving out west, and loved country. She had aspirations to play professionally. How cool is that?

So, when remixing her photo, I took all those ideas, thoughts, dreams and goals in to consideration. Clouds remind me of dreams. They are ever-changing and fun to watch change and take shape. Just like a dream. Country was pretty solid in the pic because of the hat. The guitar made the music interest a no brainer. Here is where I took this pic in a remix…


Lots of has been added to give this image a surreal feel. Clouds have been layered on. They come across her guitar, hat and skin in a wisped fashion. They are also present in background. On top of the clouds in the background, a pattern that has an impressionistic feel like the movement of music. And some solid blocks for good measure. Very faintly, I added an image of leaves over her shirt. If you look at her shoulder Рon the right side as you look at the photo Рyou can see a maple leaf. I finally punched the blue and did a mess of other tweaks to until I felt it was done.

So their you have it. Senior Portraits Remixed.

Your Year. Your Pics. Your Way.

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