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Eden Prairie Senior Portraits at the Sculpture Gardens

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Senior Portraits and nailing the location.

This post’s title may seem a little confusing. Eden Prairie Senior Portraits, then Sculpture Gardens, which are in Minneapolis. Kinda sorta opposite sides of town. But when it comes to getting the portrait you want, location is everything and finding that perfect location, the one that connects to you, that feels right, looks right, is SUPER important. Do not be afraid to share with your photog, me or some other studio, what feels like the perfect place. Is it water, woods, city, old, new, indoors, out, night, day… there is never a “wrong” location. It should be your call…

Senior Portraits by SMHerrick Photography in Eden Prairie


Take this Senior Portrait for example. We walked all over the place, and got a ton of great pics. One of her requests when setting her session up was that there was a bit of an urban-country feel to her pics, at least some of them. Urban and Country, in the same pic!?

Well, there you have it. Boots, leaves, curved stone bench, stone wall covered with vines, ambered leaves, rich tones and punchy tones all mixed together. Perfect. When you are surrounded by what feels right, it shows through in your portraits. There are tons of areas I can and do suggest for Senior Pictures. But I do not suggest them until I know what you like.

Be Picky! It is Your Year. Your Pics. Your Way.

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