Personal Training in Minneapolis – and Business Portraits

So you are personal trainer and you are looking to do some marketing. Perhaps a blog post or two. Maybe hit the Social Media scene with a few posts that may grab ya’ some shout outs and a little extra attention. Sounds Great! You know you need a solid set of Business Portraits.

But what is going to set your writing off the page? What is going to grab your readers’ attention and keep it? 

Strength Training by Titanium Performance; Business Portraits by SMHerrick Photography

Adding some eye-catching photography to your marketing efforts will increase you exposure and reader retention. But don’t take my word for it, read this…

“Whether the consumer is a practical shopper who weighs the pros and cons before spending money, or a person who is simply enticed by a product she can actually touch… it’s all about show versus tell. That said, images, photography, and multimedia have an immense impact on consumers’ purchasing behavior because they provide a way for consumers to make a visual connection with a product before they buy. And the best part about today’s technology is that it enables you to reach a consumer with rich visual content anytime, anywhere.” Great point by Brad Tuckman of MarketingProfs. FULL ARTICLE

Additionally, if you are part of the Brand. It is equally important that you keep you professional portrait up to date. This is what Melinda Emerson from HuffPost has to say on the topic of Business Portraits, “Do you realize? You as the business owner are the face of your business. That’s why having a professional headshot is so essential. Every fall, I have the tradition of having a photo shoot to update my visual brand. Taking a photo with your phone’s camera just doesn’t cut it. Read on to get tips for your visual brand.”

End of the day, image is everything. I can help you present your Brand and Yourself. Let’s grab a cup of Joe, discuss the direction you are wanting to go, and put it on the schedule. 

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As an aside, if you are looking for an amazing Personal Trainer in the Minneapolis – St.Paul area, you have to give Tyler at Titanium Performance a buzz. He is the best! And can certainly attest to how Business Portraits and Marketing Photography have helped his biz.


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January 13, 2017 12:22 pm