Walk on Water

Love Senior Portraits. My chance to really be creative and have some fun. Not that I do not have fun and enjoy working with all of my awesome clients, but there is a little extra kick when it comes to Senior Pictures.

Everyone needs to express themselves in their pics. I am sure you do in Instagram and on SnapChat, or whatever social media site you prefer.

Senior Portrait Photographer SMHerrick Photography creates unique Senior Portraits based on each student and their personality.

For this senior’s session we took a mess of pictures around a favorite park of his on the east side. He wanted a good mix of shots. Some formal, some casual, couple of wardrobe changes. The norm. He was, probably still is, an avid swimmer. Captain of the Swim Team, Lifeguard, and so on. He had a few shots in mind that he wanted, relating to his swimming, and we go those without a problem. He also wanted something a little off the beaten path. Still relating to swimming, but a little less serious. So, the above is the end result. Cool thing, no Photoshop tricks. This is not a composite. This is photography. Well thought out. Well planned.

Make sure your Senior Pictures are fun, lively and convey you!

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Senior Portraits


May 22, 2015 6:46 am