Senior Portraits in the Cities

Senior Portraits for the Class of 2017 is coming to a close with just a few more sessions on the calendar. As soon as Spring rolls around, which cannot be too soon in my book, we will be scheduling for the Class of 2018 and their Senior Portraits. I am looking forward to exploring new locations, seeing what this year is going to show for fashion and trends, and next class eager to get some great portraits

Senior Portraits are absolutely my favorite session. So much fun to just get out there and see what we can come up with for amazing portraits. This Senior, one of my studio reps, has an incredible set of proofs coming her way.

Senior Portraits Class of 2016


We spent a couple hours together in Minneapolis on a what could only be called a perfect Sunday morning. The shot above was the second portrait of the day. Perfect pose, great wardrobe, awesome shot.

From this location, we just hit everything within walking distance. A park, a bridge, an alley, a tree, a lake, and on and on. We found so many great spots to create some not only timeless shots, but truly unique portraits as well. Her pics will be a featured Gallery in just a few short hours.

Have you scheduled your Senior Portraits yet? You really should get them on the calendar.

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Senior Portraits


June 15, 2015 1:35 pm