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Real Estate Photography should not look awful!

I am firm believer in the old expression, “there is a right way to do things, and then there are all the other ways.” That applies to Real Estate Photography just as much as it does anything else.

I see so many Realtors, post slide shows that are almost painful to watch. Why? It is a disservice to the clients they are serving and the home they are listing. It takes virtually no extra time to do things right. And in the long run, the dividends are higher and come quicker. Take a look this, one of the many slide show templates I offer.

I really like how this design has a focal point effect. If you notice, not every thing is tack sharp, but as the images move, the center remains crisp. The effect really pulls in the viewer.

If you are a Realtor and are looking for great photography and a host of amazing products and services designed to not only be within budget, but to help you SELL, call or email me today!

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