Summer Fashion | Senior Portraits

Senior Portraits Fashion Check

Keeping it simple…

There is no sense limiting your wardrobe when setting up your Senior Portrait Session. Here is a super simple look that you can pull together in a heartbeat. Simple is the key, current is the look.

Blogger Style: The Blonde Salad

Joseph sleeveless top

Tod’s tods shoes

Chloé red handbag

Miu miu sunglasses

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Senior Portraits Fashion Check for Summer

Senior Portraits Fashion Check

Chic in Summer. Minnesota, more than 10,000 lakes and it seems like just as many seasons. Stay cool and comfortable during your Senior Portrait Session is essential. Here is a simple look that will not be overwhelmingly warm on those hot and humid summer days. It is casual and formal at the same time. A standard portrait would reveal only the jacket and blouse. Move to 2/3 or full length, sitting or standing and you show off a playful yet stylish side. Easy look. Fantastic results. Enjoy the Summer!


Vivaluxury: En Vacances 2

Rena Lange white cotton shirt

Be sure to Grab the App. Whether you have scheduled your session, your session is done, or you are still undecided, the app has all sorts of info and Promotions!

Senior Portraits at the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis

So many options…

The Stone Arch Bridge is one of my favorite locations for Senior Portrait Sessions. There is just so much to do and so many places to get some amazing shots. This Senior has a ton of proofs from our hour+ session. This image, taken on a bench adjacent the pathway, was an instant fav of mine. I had barely started looking through the images and came across this. Perhaps the 10th shot in the set. Couldn’t resist stopping the normal workflow and processing it completely…

Senior Portraits in Minneapolis

As soon as I finish the processing there will be tons more to share. Great shoot Gabby! Thanks for choosing SMHerrick Photography!!!

As promised. Another shot from our session at the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis. This is a good example of how I like to use anything and everything in a setting to create unique backgrounds. Who says construction and demolition cannot make for a great shot!?

Senior Portraits in Minneapolis

Creating this shot took some quick planning. We talked about the look. I composed the scene for lighting and details that would be visible. I had her run to the fence and we fired off a handful of shots. We weren’t really supposed to be near here. Hardhats were required – the foreman scolded me. But, we got the shot. Gotta take a little risk once in a while!

Senior Portraits Lemon Style

“She wore Lemon…”

Win a Senior Portrait Session from SMHerrick Photography

If you can tell me who said that… I will give you… a Senior Portrait Session… 1 Hour. Free. :)


  • Post answer on one of the two social sites I shared this post.
  • MUST BE SPECIFIC: Who said it? Who was around them when they said (this can be a little general)? What year was it when they said it?
  • Discount cannot be applied to existing sessions, upcoming, scheduled, and so on. In other words, New Senior Portraits Sessions Only.
  • Do not spoil this for others – if you know the answer, and are like 70 years of age, feel good and accept my praise of your Pop Culture Trivia knowledge, but do not post the answer here.
  • You must be in the High School Class of 2015 in order to win/claim session.
  • One winner. First correct answer. Based on Social Media Timestamp.
  • Photo Shoot will take place on location in the Minneapolis/St Paul Metro Area
  • Winner will be contacted with complete details – legal stuff that I am obligated to share
  • Confirmed winner will be posted on Social Sites and my Website


Check out this look recently posted on a favorite site of mine… Polyvore. Can you wear Lemon? Sure you can.

Senior Portraits Class of 2015 | Style Guide

Senior Portraits Style Guide

Class of 2015? Your time is here for Senior Portraits. Is it time to start looking for a fresh look, cool clothes and to define your style?

Is it the hat, the shorts, the shirt? Here is another great look from one of the millions I follow on Polyvore.


Senior Portraits for the Class of 2015

Let’s set your Senior Portraits Session on the Calendar… Right Here Right Now

See more ideas from around the world… My Pins and Polyvore

13 on 13

Senior Portrait Sale… 13 on 13

Senior Portraits season is well under way! Have you scheduled your session? No? Then continue reading…

Sign Up for your Senior Portrait Session within the next 24 hours, and you will 13% on the session package of your choosing. The Session types are listed below. Choose the one the fits best for you. Fill out the form and send it in, make the $25 Save a Date deposit and you are set.


  • Session Price

  • Studio, Location or Both*We can shoot on location, or in Studio. Make sure you select a session that will have enough time to get the shots you want!
  • Unlimited Settings, Wardrobe and Poses!*Always! Whatever we can do during the session length you choose.
  • How many Proofs*This is just a guess.
  • Air Brush*I want you to look your best.
  • Super Air Brush*Bright eyes, smooth skin and a white smile. Picture Perfect.
  • Online Proofing & Ordering
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  • Fusion*Let's add a bit of video!
  • Set of 24 Wallets
  • 10% off Prints*Applies to First Print Order. Must be ordered by 0ctober 31st of this year.
  • 5% off Prints*Cannot be combined with other discounts.
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the Run

  • $101

  • 15-30

the Hour

  • $161

  • 60+

the Two Hour

  • $292

  • 120+
  • *Split this session with a friend.

the Three Hour

  • $361

  • A. Lot.
  • *Split this session with 1 friend.
  • *Split this session with 2 friends.

Would you like to view some galleries? Do So Here!

Senior Portraits by SMHerrick Photography

Senior Portraits in Minneapolis Class of 2015

8 steps for choosing a perfect location for Senior Portraits in Minneapolis

Class of 2014, you were amazing. I want to take a couple of moments to thank you all for allowing me to part of your year and having my studio take your Senior Portraits. You all ROCK! Now, Class of 2015, it is your turn to get some amazing Senior Portraits. How do we go about getting senior picture awesomeness? Let’s start with locations for getting your Senior Pictures taken.

Senior Pictures in Minneapolis and surrounding areas

Senior Portraits and why location matters

Location, Location, Location… first off, the Twin Cities are absolutely chock full of locations. Parks, water, forests, art, buildings, old alleys, new architecture, skylines, and on and on, the options are limitless. Move a little out of the cities themselves, the Arboretum, Excelsior, the Conservatory, and every base is covered.

Senior Portraits in Minneapolis

So where do you begin in selecting a location? Great question.

  1. Pick a photographer that gets it. Many studios offer predefined “cool” locations. They may lock you in to using their outdoor settings. They may charge you more for heading to the “cities.” Look at it this way, would you ever sit down at a restaurant that only serves you the burger “they know you’ll like?” That would be absurd. How could a restaurant know what you like before you arrive? Same goes for your Senior Pics. Let’s talk about what you like and then go find that place. Wherever it is!
  2. Pick your favorite time of year. There are deadlines for turning in your Yearbook photo, but that does not mean you cannot, or should not, get your pics done during your favorite season. I have scheduled Senior Portraits for the middle of winter, well past yearbook deadline. Does this mean you get a generic pic in the yearbook? Nope. If needed, we schedule your main shoot for the time of year you love, and schedule a mini-shoot so you can have a great yearbook pic.
  3. Pick your preferred time of day. Moring person, awesome. Like to sleep until noon or later? Perfect too. I never sleep, just kidding, but I am open to scheduling your senior pics around what works best for you. I never tell people when their pics are happening, I ask what works best for them and make it happen.
  4. Make a checklist of wants. Some like an urban feel, others prefer a little country, and some want a mix of both. In any case, you need to make sure you ask for what you want, or you may not get it. I have an online questionnaire that does most of the work for you. Very helpful.

Senior Pictures IdeasContinue reading: 8 steps for choosing perfect Senior Portraits Locations Part II tomorrow.

While you are here, maybe you should check out:

More Senior Portraits…

Over the summer, I am going to be writing about cool locations, fashion that is on target, cool new items that are available from the Studio Store and much, much more. Check out the latest post HERE.

Senior Portraits Style | Shades of 2015

Class of 2015, what is your Senior Portraits Style?

I wear sunglasses. All. The. Time. Nothing wrong with wearing them during your senior portraits session – at least for a few of the shots. We do want to see your eyes, that is a must, in most of the pictures, but have some fun with it…

I recently came upon another post, from a photographer in Arizona, that enforces this idea.

Read what Stephanie Newbold of Stephanie Newbold Seniors has to say…


After choosing your photographer, what to wear is probably the most important aspect of your portrait session.  And yes, guys – this applies to you, too!

Senior Portraits, Senior Portraits in Eden Prairie, Senior Portraits with Sunglasses, photo by Stephanie Newbold Photography

I know most of you guys don’t really like to get your pictures taken, but this is your chance to show you’ve got game! Think in terms of wearing something comfortable but that has a little of your own flare in it.  If you’re stuck for ideas, ask your girlfriend, or even your photographer.  She’ll have you looking good in no time!

See… dare yourself to think outside the box. Girls, take a look at the set below – special thanks to Ployvore-editorial for the cool look.

Sunglasses +

Red Raybans, skinny jeans that look perfectly worn, nice faded tee and some other red accents – this would be a great look for your Senior Portraits.


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Senior Portraits and the Prom Dress

I think I have mentioned this idea before…

Let’s get the Prom Dress in to the mix for your Senior Portraits! Below is an amazing example of what can be accomplished.

Before you dig in to the pics, let me give some props to a wonderful photog from Virginia who graciously allowed me to re-post her post. Heather Chesky, of Heather Chesky Photography happened to grab one of my Pins from Pinterest. I in turn re-Pinned some of hers and so on and so on.

I took a couple of minutes to look through her portfolio and just had to ask if I could share these images. She was happy to share. Thank you Heather! :)

From Heather’s Blog…


This beautiful girl’s name is Amber. She’s a rising senior over at Heritage High School in Leeseburg, VA and she’s working on building her modeling portfolio. I had a blast photographing Amber over her spring break. How could I not? She brought along her baby blue prom dress so I made sure to capture some dress throwing photos! Not only does this girl have a pretty face, but she’s smart too and hopes to become a teacher one day! Enjoy the Photos!

Best Senior Photographer, Heather Chesky, Eden Prairie Senior Portraits, Minneapolis Senior Portraits, Senior Portraits Ideas and Inspiration. Best Senior Photographer, Heather Chesky, Eden Prairie Senior Portraits, Minneapolis Senior Portraits, Senior Portraits Ideas and Inspiration. Best Senior Photographer, Heather Chesky, Eden Prairie Senior Portraits, Minneapolis Senior Portraits, Senior Portraits Ideas and Inspiration. Best Senior Photographer, Heather Chesky, Eden Prairie Senior Portraits, Minneapolis Senior Portraits, Senior Portraits Ideas and Inspiration. Best Senior Photographer, Heather Chesky, Eden Prairie Senior Portraits, Minneapolis Senior Portraits, Senior Portraits Ideas and Inspiration. Best Senior Photographer, Heather Chesky, Eden Prairie Senior Portraits, Minneapolis Senior Portraits, Senior Portraits Ideas and Inspiration.   Best Senior Photographer, Heather Chesky, Eden Prairie Senior Portraits, Minneapolis Senior Portraits, Senior Portraits Ideas and Inspiration.

Love the lighting in these. Beautiful work Heather and thanks again for allowing me to share!

Ready to schedule your Senior Portraits in your Prom Dress?

Eden Prairie Senior Portraits the Remix

Remix what?

Your Senior Portraits. Yes, that is correct, I said Remix your Senior Portraits. Take an awesome pic – one that has a cool prop, or the perfect attitude – and break it down, add some effects and Remix it in to something outrageously cool.

Eden Prairie Senior Portraits

This portrait started out looking awesome. The shoot took place at the studio here in Eden Prairie. Simple lighting and some props that made sense – country music was an interest so we played that up.

We kept the focus on her by not getting carried away with a background that had a lot of movement.

From there we ran through several different poses. Sitting in a chair, sitting on the floor, standing. Really a solid mix that gave her plenty of images to choose from when it came time make the final selections


Back to Remixing Senior Portraits…

I like to get to know my clients. I am not one of those grind-you-through-the-mill-as-fast-as-possible-so-I-can-move-on photographers. By the time of the shoot, I have a pretty good idea of what makes you, you. This client, did a little modeling, was planning on moving out west, and loved country. She had aspirations to play professionally. How cool is that?

So, when remixing her photo, I took all those ideas, thoughts, dreams and goals in to consideration. Clouds remind me of dreams. They are ever-changing and fun to watch change and take shape. Just like a dream. Country was pretty solid in the pic because of the hat. The guitar made the music interest a no brainer. Here is where I took this pic in a remix…

Senior Portraits customized by SMHerrick Photography

Lots of has been added to give this image a surreal feel. Clouds have been layered on. They come across her guitar, hat and skin in a wisped fashion. They are also present in background. On top of the clouds in the background, a pattern that has an impressionistic feel like the movement of music. And some solid blocks for good measure. Very faintly, I added an image of leaves over her shirt. If you look at her shoulder – on the right side as you look at the photo – you can see a maple leaf. I finally punched the blue and did a mess of other tweaks to until I felt it was done.

So their you have it. Senior Portraits Remixed.

Your Year. Your Pics. Your Way.

Ready to get your Senior Portraits on the Calendar?

Eden Prairie Senior Portraits | SMHerrick Photography

Perfect Locations.

There are so many amazing places to get your Senior Portraits done in Minnesota. So many that it can be really hard to choose just one. I listen to my Senior Portrait clients and have done my homework. You wanted to see locations and get some great suggestions. Sounds good. Let’s start with Three Rivers Park District.

Eden Prairie Seniors to Maple Grove Seniors. Roseville to Chaska. Three Rivers has a location for you. Their parks are located around the metro and are absolutely perfect. If you have a look, there is a park for you. From farm to shoreline to bridges to forests to walkways and on and on and on.

Take a look at the locations and amenities here.

My personal Favs? Gotta be…

Noerenberg Gardens – everything you could possibly want. Small in terms of acreage, huge on options.

Silverwood. Very cool and lots to do.

Gale Woods. Red Barn Included!!!

Really, I love them all. They are perfectly maintained and perfect for Senior Portraits.

Ready to take some Pics?

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Minneapolis Senior Portraits

Nail It

Your fingertips make a statement. There are countless ways to show off your perfect manicure in a portrait.
Have some fun and show them I personally think the Script (upper-left) is pretty cool!

Want to Schedule your Senior Pics!


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Senior Portraits on the Lakes

Minnesota is more water than land so where do we get our Senior Portraits done?

Of course this is an exaggeration, but… how cool is it to be able take advantage of the beautiful lakes and rivers we have here in Minnesota, especially for Senior Portraits.


Lake Calhoun is a perfect example. This Senior Portrait session was amazing. We walked the lake for about 45 minutes, took a mess of pictures and had a really good time in the process. Him lying in the tree has to be my favorite. So awesome that he was willing to climb up there for the shot.

Let’s Take Some Senior Portraits!

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Minneapolis Senior Portraits | The Arboretum

Great Senior Portraits require…

A great location, but most of all they require enjoying yourself and being yourself.

This Senior Portrait Session was taken on location and the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. We spent an hour or so wandering around the gardens. So many great locations to catch so really amazing portraits. From simple greenery in the background to waterfall and just hanging out on the patio. Add in a couple of wardrobe changes and this Senior had over 100 proofs to look through. Perfect!

Thanks again Megan, have a great Senior Year!

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Minnesota Senior Portraits | Locations with an Edge

Your Pics & Your Style

Setting the date for your Senior Portrait session is the first step but not the main priority. Senior Portraits need to reflect your style. Minnesota Seniors of the Class of 2013 have countless options that are absolutely amazing.

Graffiti walls have held a place in Senior Portraits for some time now. If you are looking for something edgy and want a Graffiti wall as a background, make sure you go with a studio that knows where they walls are!!!

Minneapolis Senior Portraits Photographer
This wall is one of my favorites. 13 feet high and probably 50 feet long, this one is full of color and vibrancy. As an added bonus, no slang that has to be edited out. Problem with some tags is that you will find not only colorful art, but color metaphors. Curse words in the background of your Senior Pics are not cool.

Maybe this is not the look you want. No worries, I can get you where you need and want to be. If this is the look, cool, let’s go shoot it!

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Senior Portraits in Eden Prairie

Summer is slipping by…

Have you scheduled your Senior Portraits?!

You still have time, but it is getting close. These shots were taken at one of my favorite locations within the Three Rivers Park District, Elm Creek Park Preserve.

I met Joe on location and we quickly set out and grabbed a ton of really great pics. We hit perhaps 6 or 7 different spots within walking distance and just shot away. He had chosen my “Run and Gun” Senior Portrait Session. 20-30 minutes on location or in studio with as many poses and wardrobe changes as we can fit in. He managed to swap 4 different shirts as we walked. Really helped create some solid diversity in a super short amount of time. Excellent results. A lot is possible with some great planning.

Thanks Joe! Have an amazing Senior Year!!!

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Senior Portraits in Minneapolis

Nothing beats Minneapolis for Senior Portraits. There are so many amazing locations to use as a backdrop for your Beautiful Pics. Some of my favorite locations? The Sculpture Gardens has to be at the top of the list. This area in Minneapolis has some truly unique settings. The art is obvious. But, within walking distance is where the magic really begins.

Sasha and I spent just over an hour walking around this little corner of Downtown Minneapolis for her Senior Portraits. We took over 300 snaps and she had over 100 final proofs to look through when all was said and done.

Bridges, trees, buildings, art, alleys, streets views and so much more. There is everything you can imagine all at your fingertips.

Have a fantastic Senior Year Sasha!

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Senior Portraits in Minneapolis | the 2014 Sessions

So each year I come up with a theme…

for my Senior Portrait Sessions in Minneapolis and surrounding areas. Why? No real reason other than the fact that I like to and it gets boring doing the same same each year.

New York it is.

This year I have chosen a place I love as the creative pool for my 2014 Senior Portrait Session namesakes. New York. It’s perfect. Fashion, Style, Trends, Arts, Edge, Life and all sorts of stuff that applies perfectly for Senior Portrait Session names. I have 4 Senior Portrait Sessions. Each one a little different. Each one tied with the name. Here they are.

The Cabbie Senior Portrait Session.

Minneapolis Senior Portrait Session - The Cabbie
Fast and Furious is the nature of this Senior Portrait Session. Ever been in a New York Taxi? Believe me, it is a wild ride. This session is not intended to scare you in to next week, but it is intended to get you where you need to be in short amount of time. We are not going to tack on a lot of extras. We are going to get some well-planned, well-thought out, beautiful pics. In a short amount of time on a comfortable budget.

The Vanity Fair Senior Portrait Session

Minneapolis Senior Portrait Session - The Vanity Fair
If you are looking for fashion, trends, a little edge, a little glamour, and a load of style, this is the place to get it. Very cool mag and well worth flipping through the pages. Also makes for a compelling Senior Portrait Session theme. This session will be focused on Style. The looks, the clothes, all the right now and the right locations. A little Vanity goes a long way in making an amazing Senior Portrait. This will be my second session in terms of length of time and price point. Probably the most popular too.

The Times Square Senior Portrait Session

Minneapolis Senior Portrait Session - The Times Square
Let’s talk city. Let’s talk busy and bustling. Times Square has everything. This Senior Portrait Session will be about getting every shot, look and style you can imagine. We will take our time, grab some studio shots, hit the city, the parks, the whatever. Cool all around. Cannot hit the subway, but I do know some amazing railways just the same. This will be the third session in the grouping. Second highest in price point. Still quite popular and will include some perks like free prints and stuff.

The Fifth Ave Senior Portrait Session

Minneapolis Senior Portrait Session - The Fifth Ave
So. Fifth Ave is pretty famous. Pretty notorious for its premiere shops and equally premiere price tags. No worries. This is not my “break-the-bank” Senior Portrait Session. When I was last in New York, I spent a lot of time walking up and down 5th Ave. So much to see and do. Having a cup of Joe was an experience that took some time to truly enjoy. The shopping? Crazy cool stuff everywhere. Very current, very trendy and very fun. This Senior Portrait Session is just that. And we will take our time making sure we get all the looks you want. Another note, 5th Ave is the perfect place to spend a good amount of time with a friend. And so, this is the session intended to be shared and enjoyed with a friend or two as a once in a lifetime experience. This will be the most expensive session, but when shared, it will quickly become the most affordable. Great for groups of three. This session will also include 3 copies of custom Senior Look Books to sweeten the deal.

What do you think? Cool huh? Let me know by commenting!

I am just now wrapping up all the details on these Senior Portrait Sessions. I hope to be posting updates to my scheduling and sign up pages by the end of the week. Look for an update to this post or grab the feed.

Want to share some thoughts? Shoot me an email.

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Senior Pictures | Grad Cards and Invites

Senior Pictures Make Perfect Grad Cards and Invites.

Senior Pictures


Spring Break has come and gone. The temps are finally above zero. Soon you will be reaching for your Diploma.

Next up?

Grad Parties. Time to get those invites and save the dates written and in the mail! You best make sure your invites do not fall to the bottom of the pile.

You have great Senior Portraits….

Why not turn them in to eye-catching Grad Cards and Invitations? We can use one of your senior pictures, or several. Each card is custom designed to your liking using colors and styles that accent not only you, but your personality.

Check this out.

Your Cards will be custom designed. There are several sizes and shapes to choose from. Your Senior Pictures will be the highlight. Front and Back printing. Unique papers and textures. Add a Facebook link to your online invite. And more…

Special Pricing.

All cards ordered before April 15th are 15% off!

All cards ordered between April 16th and May 1st are 10%off.

All cards ordered after May 2nd are 5% off.


It is super easy to order your Grad Cards and Invites. Simply visit my online Store and select Cards from the list of options.

Browse the various styles and shapes. Pick your favorite. Select the options, such as texture, coating and quantities.

Submit your order and use the promo code GRAD CARDS to have the discount applied. Then simply check out.

I will be in touch with you within 24 hours with samples and designs using your Senior Pictures. Once we finalize your card design, they will be shipped to in 3 days or less.

If you had your Senior Pictures taken elsewhere, better check to see if you can use the images freely before ordering cards. You will also need to be able to send me digital versions of your senior portraits.

Need your Senior Pictures taken? Perfect. Start Here.


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Senior Pictures by SMHerrick Photography

Senior Pictures that are stunning.

Senior Pictures in Minneapolis and surrounding areas

Senior Pictures time is just about here. Time to start digging in to what make an awesome senior portrait session. You need to pick a photog, decide on a location and then narrow down your wardrobe selections! I can help with all of that.

Let’s start by picking apart some Senior Pictures

Or at least one for now. Take a look at this senior portrait. Perfect. The natural lighting is warm and flattering. Her pose is very natural and relaxed. Her hair is casual and flows in harmony with her blouse. Nice chunky necklace for a little sophistication that goes perfectly with the pleats in her blouse. The blue on the left cools the photo just enough while complementing the warmth of the rest of the scene.

The eyes have it. For high school senior pictures, I always make sure that my client’s eyes are vibrant and clear. I do not like to go overboard with this as it tends to look unnatural if you are not careful. A quick skin check, and this photo made it to the top of the list in her senior portraits proof book.

Getting creative ideas for senior portraits is not all that difficult. Getting those ideas in to the camera takes dedication and skill. I would love to hear some of your ideas for your senior pictures. Shoot me an email and let’s see what we can make happen! 

Read more about my Senior Pictures process.

Ready to schedule your Senior Portraits?

Check out the latest senior pictures pins! Senior Pictures Ideas and Inspiration.

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