Photography 1

Photography of the day.

Some time ago, a photography student asked if I would be willing to be interviewed as part of their required-to-pass-the-class curriculum. I found the idea interesting and the student’s attitude of equal interest. So, I agreed.

Of all the questions asked, one has stuck with me ever since: “When not photographing for your profession, what do you photograph?” I stumbled while reaching for a reply. I think I answered with something lame like, “I don’t.”

Truth be told, owning a studio is more about managing a business than creating imagery. I often times find myself a little stretched between shoots, processing, marketing, emails, phone calls and so on and so on. Free shooting time can be difficult to come by. It can also be easily sacrificed for things such as family time. However, we all need to take the time to replenish the well. All creatives do.

Long ago, too long ago, I would never be caught without my camera. My opportunity to shoot the stuff I wanted, the way I wanted. No right, moreover, no wrong. Times changed. I suppose at some point I traded carrying a camera bag for a diaper bag, or stroller, or skateboard, or football. It is important to enjoy the moments you are living. Carrying 20, or more, pounds of glass and cameras gets a little difficult and can certainly take away from the moment. But what about replenishing that well?

I have decided it is time to get back to a little bit of this off the cuff shooting I love. I plan on taking a photo each day and posting it to my site. So why, you may be asking, call it Photography 1 opposed to something like Pic of the Day? I have seen a countless “Pic of the Day,” posts, contests, blogs and such. I am not bandwagoning it. Never really been one to jump on those. I decided to challenge myself to find something unique in our world, everyday, and photograph it. Create something with it. Photography. Simple and poignant. 1 is really nothing more than a numerical designation. Tomorrow there should be a post titled Photography 2.

Let’s Start This!

Photography by SMHerrick Photography

Care to guess? I suppose I may need to open comments up on this series of posts if I am going to ask people to venture a guess. Maybe next time. This is the result of Spring. Taken just an hour or so after Spring officially started here in Minnesota. What you are viewing is a cedar deck, covered with 2 inches of relatively fresh snow. The air temperature is just above freezing, so the snow is melting, slowly. 20 feet above this cedar deck is the eve of the roof. From it, sun-warmed and quickly-melting snow falls to the deck’s surface in the form of individual drips of water. Pelting without mercy. Remarkable? Probably not. Interesting? Absolutely. I took this photograph because there is no way I could possibly know for certain that these circumstances would happen, just like this, on another first day of Spring in my lifetime. I also happened to look down and it caught my eye. 24-70L, iso 250, 1/250 sec and f5.6. In post, a custom black and white action I made.


Do you know someone that can…

Not always easy to find a professional or trade to take of the things that you know are too important or difficult to try to accomplish yourself. I recently came across a great site and suggest you give it a whirl. THUMBTACK is similar to other online professional resource sites in that you can search by industry and location.

If you offer a service, I suggest you give it a shot and sign up. It takes just a few minutes, more time you spend the better your online presence will look, and the results are pretty quick. I was receiving quote requests within a few days. Here is a link to my profile: Wedding photographer


Wedding Trends for 2014

New Year, Classic Look.

The new year is upon us! Time to roll up the sleeves and start taking a look at what is hot, and what is not, in Wedding Trends for 2014.

Wedding Trends for 2014

One major trend stands out for this year’s Bride: Hair Accents. The wedding trends for 2014 bring back a timeless classic. The Veil. From ornate to simple, these wedding veils are certainly should be on your must have list. Below you will see jewel-accented flowers combined with a timeless veil. These hand-crafted items can be found locally, at great price points. I suggest hitting Etsy when you have a moment to spare.

Wedding Trends for 2014 by SMHerrick Photography

Adorn your hair this season with one of a kind statement pieces that compliment not only your dress, but your individuality and your personal style.

Follow these Wedding Trends for 2014

I always keep my eye to current wedding trends, 2014 will be no different. Keep checking back to see what more I have uncovered from dress, to shoes, to great wedding photography from my studio and around the world.

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Business Portraits in Minneapolis | Style

Business Portraits for Him.

The office has changed a lot over the years. The settings have changed. The way we conduct day to day business is completely different. Do your Business Portraits reflect that change? Do they reflect your style?

Business Portraits

Business Portraits and what to wear for them.

It is really about appealing to your target: The Potential Client. Many years ago, my brother, an extremely successful salesman, shared with me his philosophy behind his wardrobe and accessories. To abbreviate his story, “I always wear a designer watch. All suits are fitted, and everything is professionally cleaned and pressed. I am always working, regardless of where I am or what I am doing. There is always the possibility that I may be speaking to a potential client. I need to look the part, always.”

Applying this thought to your Business Portraits is the first step. Know your target. Who are they? When and where may they see your Portrait? Ask yourself, “if I were my target market, would I feel connected to the person I see in the portrait?” This is a really difficult thing to do objectively. Most of us are concerned about how we “look” in photos. Few of us stop to think about how we are perceived in our photos.

I do not care if you wear a suit or jeans. One may be more appropriate than the other. But, in either case, the style and look should be current and fit well. It is all about perception. Your potential client is looking at your mugshot and making a decision. Or, you potential client is looking at your Professional Business Portrait, making a connection, and calling you.

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Portraits that are the Picture of Health

Of course you’ll look your best in your Portraits…

I am often asked, “what should I do to prepare for my portraits?” This is a great question and something I take a lot of time in answering.

There are simple things to quickly consider such as wardrobe, hair, and make-up. Then there is the topic I suggest people take a little more seriously. Health and Wellness. Yep, how you feel on the inside has a dramatic effect on the outside and is easily transferred to your portrait. The good news, there are simple steps you can take, today, tonight, tomorrow, to get yourself feeling and looking great for your portrait. Modest changes in diet, water intake, and rest can have immediate, and lasting, changes. Not only on the inside, but the outside.

To further this point, I asked friend and colleague, Dr. Katie Corazzo, to share a little of her knowledge in the area of Health and Wellness:

10 Tips to Picture Perfect Health By: Dr. Katie Corazzo

Portraits of health

What do I mean by “picture perfect health”? After combining the definitions of picture, perfect, and health, I came up with the following definition: A representation of a complete and desired state of being. A snap shot, if you will, of a moment in time in which you are living YOUR most desired state of being. What does your most desired state of being look like though? What if you could do something to make that happen?

Studies have shown that our diet, sleep, and even our stress can impact how attractive others think we are. First impressions are critical in your professional and social life and are often in the form of a photograph. “The impression you create may affect future job opportunities,   collaborations or other important matters,” said James Uleman, PhD, a psychology professor at New York University and researcher on impression management.

So what does health have to do with photography anyway?

Let me give you a few examples:

While in medical school, I met a 40 year old woman who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. We asked her how she discovered the cancer, and she replied by telling us that she noticed a change in a picture of herself with a low cut shirt on. She noticed some dimpling in her left breast that didn’t look the same on her right side. She checked it out in the mirror and decided to ask her doctor about it. A few weeks later she was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. Talk about a powerful picture.

But I don’t have any hair

I am sure you have seen inspiring pictures of people laughing and smiling, only they are missing one thing. Their hair. Chemotherapy can cause hair loss, and I think these pictures are a great example of beauty. Beauty is not about your hair style, but about the joy and light you feel on the inside.

If you google “health” and look at the images that come up you will see people laughing, smiling, exercising, fruits and vegetables, and doctors. When googling “unhealthy” you will find quite a different perspective. Unhappy, overweight, french-fries, hamburgers, fast food, doughnuts, and even a picture of a pregnant woman smoking and holding a glass of wine. Which one do you want to look more like?

What do your pictures say about your health?

Here are 10 tips to help you find your picture perfect health.

1. Smile! and don’t fake it!

Portraits and your smile

“You never want to give people an inauthentic impression — many people can intuitively feel if someone is being fake immediately,” said Vanessa Van Petten with the Science of People.

2. Care for your skin

Portraits and your skin and wellness

Caring for your skin can mean several things, so let me give you a few specifics. Witch hazel is great for more oily skin to reduce inflammation and redness. Aloe Vera is great for dry skin to hold the moisture in and repair damaged skin. Exfoliate. Studies show that the evenness of your skin color impacts your attractiveness and estimated age.

3. Drink water

Portraits and how water can help

Hydration is critical to your skin health. Water helps eliminate toxins and prevent dry skin. Divide your body weight by 2 and that is how many ounces of water you should aim for every day.

4. Exercise


Endorphins are released while you work out which leave you feeling happy and energized. Exercise has also been shown to help treat depression, improve blood sugar regulation, and can result in weight loss.

5. Eat your veggies and fruit

Health and Wellness by Dr Katie Corazzo

Studies show that an increase in vegetable and fruit consumption improves caucasian skin color within 6 weeks. Foods that are high in carotenoids seems to improve skin color the most. Carotenoids are high in vitamin A and help fight against free radical damage. They are found in orange, red, and green fruits and veggies. Carrots, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and green leafy veggies to name a few.

6. Cleanse

Dr Katie Corazzo and cleansing for health

Cleansing can improve your skin, help you lose weight, and leave you feeling better…if you do it the right way! This does not mean go online and buy the next fad detox out there. You don’t need to buy $500 worth of products to do a detox either. I have developed a 21 day detox plan that includes eating foods and cleaning up your diet. Products are only used when needed and on an individual basis. This can increase your energy, clear up your skin, and help you lose weight.

7. Relieve your stress


Stress can impact your health by taxing your adrenals and liver, decreasing your sensitivity to insulin which can lead to diabetes, impacting your cardiovascular health, and can result in weight gain in your abdomen. Make a list of ways you decrease your stress and make sure you use one every day. Read, meditate, exercise, yoga, drawing, taking a bath, or calling an old friend are just a few examples.

8. Sleep


At least 7-8 hours. Dark circles and bags under your eyes do not make you camera ready. Need I say more?

9. Accept compliments

thank you

When someone gives you a compliment or tells you how great you look in a photo, say “thank you” and believe them.

10. Quit smoking

quit smoking

Did you know that cigarettes decrease and deplete your vitamin C? Vitamin C is important for you immune system and cell regeneration. Stop smoking and increase your vitamin C.

I Hope you look picture perfect! Cheese!!

~Dr. Katie

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, there are several things you can do today that will have a wonderful impact on not only your portraits, but your entire being. Thank you so very much for contributing to this post Dr. Katie.

Want to learn more? Dr. Katie would love to hear from you. Please do not hesitate to connect with her via email at: Dr. Katie Corazzo. She can also be found online by visiting:

Her website Balanced Care or on her Facebook Page

Wedding Cakes for 2013 | SMHerrick Photography


You want everything on your day to be perfect. Some elements, like the Cake, garner a little more attention than others.

Wedding Cake Trends
Naked cake is trending this Spring with these beautifully designed cakes being perfect examples.

Of course, there are current twists on classics:

SMHerrick Photography Weddings
Beautifully ornate and I am sure, wonderfully delicious.

Have a cake that you fell in love with? I would love to see it and add it to this post. Send me an email and let me know.

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Planning your Day and need some photography advice? Like to schedule your free engagement shoot? Perfect. Let me know by shooting me an EMAIL or calling the Wedding Hotline at 952 452 4044 – not really a hotline, but it sounds cool.

Boudoir Photography in Minneapolis

Portraits with a little edge…

Minneapolis Boudoir Photography

boudoir [ˈbuːdwɑː -dwɔː] n

a woman’s bedroom or private sitting room [from French, literally: room for sulking in, from bouder to sulk]

Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photography is not generally a new concept. Typically shot in a photographer’s studio or luxury hotel suites, it has become fashionable to create a personal set of portraits reserved for oneself or perhaps a romantic partner.

Minneapolis Boudoir Photography

The genre is often for brides to surprise their future husbands by gifting the images on or before their wedding day. Other motivations or inspiration for boudoir photography shoots include anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, weight loss success and for servicemen and women overseas.

The most common direction of contemporary boudoir photography is to take variations of candid and posed photographs of the subject partly clothed or in lingerie.

For my clients, I prefer a flattering mix of Glamour Photography and Boudoir Photography. Whether within the studio or on location, your Boudoir Session will be comfortable and relaxed.

These Glamour Boudoir Sessions are done with one goal, making sure you look absolutely beautiful. The studio lights are soft and flattering. Poses are natural, fun and striking. Mixing the above with professional post production editing – never taken to the point that you no longer look like you – you will be amazed with your final images.

Minneapolis Boudoir Photography

As you can see in the portraits pictured here, your Glamour Boudoir Session creates a set of images that truly do range from pure Glamour to the traditional Boudoir Session. When deciding on the looks you want to have, the choice is yours. You set the pace, the style and the mood. Enjoy yourself. Be yourself.

If you have a moment or two, shoot me a message about this article. I would love to hear your thoughts on my Glamour Boudoir Session. Like to discuss a session or schedule a time to have portraits created for you or that special someone? You can let me know you are interested by sending me a message right here.

Looking to take your Boudoir Portraits to the next level and creating a truly unique piece of art? I offer High Art post production. Your favorite pose will be turned in to a one of kind image. Please email me if you would like to see samples.

And remember, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!!!

New Years Resolutions | SMHerrick Photography

We all set higher expectations for ourselves when it comes to January 1st. I am proud to announce that I succeeded in keeping my 2012 resolution! I committed to not have a 2013 resolution until January 4th 2013. I did it. Here is my resolution, at least as far as my studio goes.

More Posts!!!


I do have grander resolutions and plans for the new year. Who doesn’t? I also changed my logo a bit and decided I would post a little more of my artistic work.

Speaking of which… above is a photo from my holiday trip to Cozumel. Just outside and down the beach a little from our hotel room, this pier looked out in to the sea. I really wanted to take a long exposure here, 20 seconds or longer would have been great. 5 seconds would have been fine. I had to settle with 1/30th of second. A tripod is absolutely necessary for long exposures. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to bring mine along on this vacation. So, I improvised a little and used my camera bag and some water bottles to create a stable enough platform for the camera. (Camera on bag, water bottle under lens to prop it up a bit.) There was a bit of a breeze that morning so I kept the exposure as slow as I felt was safe.

When I returned to the studio, I was quite please with end result. The pier and clouds are sharp and crisp. The sea however, has the slightest blur to it, due to the longer exposure, giving it a more gentle, dreamy, look.

I shot this at about 7:00am. In post, I only slightly tweaked the blues to give them a little more punch. This view is facing North with a little turn toward the east.

I wish you the best of luck in keeping your 2013 resolutions. Happy New Year!

Portrait Style | Minneapolis Photographer SMHerrick Photography

My closet is not a good representation of my style.

Or is it? Sure, I can open the door, walk in, grab a few articles and get by with it. But is that what I want to do? Aside from rainy days like today where I am spending a good deal of face time with an inanimate object, namely my computer, I think I would prefer that my style is solid and without question.

As a Portrait Photographer, “What should I Wear?” is probably the most common question I am asked. And it is a great question. Long answer: something that is flattering to your body shape, has good color tonality that compliments your skin and accents your eyes. Well fitted are words that often come to mind. As do wrinkle free and sans coffee stains. Then we get down to shoes, belts and other accessories.

I do have quite a vast selection of magazines such as Elle, GQ, Cosmo and so forth. These are awesome for Pinterest fodder. But in general, they are wonderful eye-candy and create a dangerous compulsion to want and need what is found within the pages. Not really sources of answers to the original question… “What Should I Wear?”

Better answer to the question – sort of

Blindly grabbing an outfit on portrait day is a risky proposition. Handing me the keys to your wardrobe closet may be equally dangerous. Your Style is yours and yours alone. Of course there may be subtle nods or innuendos to a certain style, but sooner or later there are elements that have to be distilled down to you and only you. What is my rambling-in-countess-directions point? Clothing and Style are super important and I do not have all the answers. But I am working on getting them.

Some coffee and pastries

Today I sat down with two amazing women: Lynn Ramsey and Marny Fyfe. One, Lynn, the owner of dry cleaning and laundry service Village Cleaners and Shirt Laundry. The other, Marny, the owner of wardrobe makeover service Urban Sass. Our commonality? We want our clients to look amazing. Our focus, day in and day out, is singularly that. Each of us, in our own way, are continuously advocating the Personal Brand. You.

Brand is huge in my book. I rant about it all over my blog and speak about it every chance I get. A key point I make over and over is the significance wardrobe is to branding. I am looking very forward to what comes of this little triad of fashion-consciousness and believe together, the three of us can cull our resources in to something quite unique. Blog posts, tips and suggestions, who knows what else. Moreover, well prepared, well dressed clients that look and feel amazing during their Portrait Session. (That last part does sound a little self-serving but I am sure my cohorts will not take offence.)

A work in progress

Being in need of new suit, Marny has agreed to join me on my adventure to the Men’s Warehouse. The caveat, I need to take a self-portrait wearing my most current suit and then contrast it with a portrait in my new suit. I suppose I am due for a new self-portrait.

I guess that will be the next article in this little endeavor – “What Not to Wear.” My current suit is quite old. Good back story on it though. I will share that in a couple of days. Perhaps I will have Lynn clean it before I shoot, rather photograph, myself in it.

Got a free minute or two? Check out Lynn and Marny on the web or shoot ‘em an email and tell them I recommended you.

Lynn Ramsey of Village Cleaners

Marny Fyfe of Urban Sass

Until next post, thanks for reading and be sure to share, re-use, tweet or whatever strikes your fancy.

Minneapolis Business Portraits that sell You!

What is the purpose of a Business Portrait?

I blog and speak on this subject a lot. Some times repetition is useful. Especially when you can add some visual aids to the presentation.

Business Portraits have come a long way. They are energetic, artful, edgy and powerful. They are no longer reserved for the elite, they are virtually a requirement.

The Virtual You.

A little play on words and the society we live in today. You are virtually everywhere today in a very literal, virtual world.

How is that for grabbing your attention even if all it did was serve up confusion? Poor grammar and writing is very much like poor portraiture. The message is confusing if not lost altogether. Let me start this over and I refrain from being too wordy.

Your Business Portrait is on the internet. Whether you put it there or not, it is there. Search engines and databases compile and associate everything. Somewhere out there, a picture of you has been tagged, uploaded and stamped with your name. Someone or something will sooner or later associate the two. Do you want to let a machine do this? Or would you prefer to take charge?

I will assume you are reading this because you would like to be in charge of things. Good idea. Now let’s dissect the it or drill it down to what it is, precisely, that you are trying to do.

This gentleman, Matt Schmidt of AMEK Custom Builders, wanted an updated profile pic. His current profile pic was clipped portion of a group photo. This is so common and really unfortunate.

Matt is a Brand. He is an owner of a company. His company does some amazing work and truly creates some beautiful finished spaces. His ideal client is discerning. Has taste for quality. Has specific needs and wants. Has a desire for custom, high-quality, workmanship. Of all of that, discerning is the key word.

Matt’s potential clients are discerning. His old portrait did not convey anything about him. It did not sell him. His new portrait has a lot of attention to detail in it. The jacket reads profession and respectful. The open collar and camera angles suggest approachable. The expressions convey sincerity and warmth.

This portrait is a sale tool. Your Business Portrait needs to sell you. Is it?

Minneapolis Business Portrait Photographer

What are the Key elements to a great Business Portrait?

The answers may surprise you a bit. Let’s start with the basics.

Wardrobe needs to be well fitted and neat. It does not need to be expensive or lavish.

Hair and makeup should also be neat. Neat being very broad here and I will explain more this more in detail below.

Psychology needs to be neat. ??? There is the curve ball. What could I possibly mean by psychology needs to be neat? I have written and written on my Business Portrait Page over and over the importance of addressing your audience when it comes time to update your business portrait. Being disingenuine can create a bit of mistrust or remove your credibility as a sincere professional.

Business Portraits in Minneapolis

I am all for Photoshop and love to play with all the goodies under the hood as much as the next. But, there is a time and a place. Take a look at this portrait. Aside from color correcting and adding a little darkness to the already black background, this portrait is untouched. No Photoshop, no makeup, no skin softening, no hair stylist, no wardrobe guru, nothing more than proper lights and a genuine grin. When you sit down to meet this gentlemen to discuss your financial future, you will not be surprised to see that he looks exactly as he did in his online bio or on his LinkedIn Profile.

This is psychology kept neat. Your portrait needs to be a genuine reflection of you. Nothing wrong with a little extra attention to detail prior to heading out to the studio, but first and foremost, be genuine. People will gravitate to you when you are real. Tie not perfect? That is okay. Hair have a couple of fly-aways? Those are not the end of the world and very acceptable to touch up. But do not change who you are! Do not ask to have 20 years taken off.

Be yourself. A beautiful or handsome portrait is so much deeper than the power-tie or perfect manicure. It is in the eyes. Eyes speak the volumes our mouths never do. Your Business Portrait does not come with a soundtrack. A portrait professional knows this and will ensure your audience sees and hears the correct You.

Family Portraits in Eden Prairie | SMHerrick Photography

It needs to be fun!

This photo shoot was an absolute joy. Sisters, ages 11 days and 2 years, were on deck for this portrait sitting. What more could you ask for.

Little Avery is precious and Grace has the most amazing blue eyes. I could have photographed them for hours.

Lots of props, all simple in nature, with modest backgrounds. Perfect. I will be posting the gallery in a day or so under the Family Portrait section. Check back when you get a second to see all the wonderful shots!

The photo merge turned out really well. Fun!

2012 ASID Showcase Home in Photos

Warm, Inviting, Perfect.

The Living and Music Room of this year’s 2012 ASID Showcase Home is all of the above. This Space, designed in cooperation by Kimberly Herrick of Herrick Design Group, Keri Olson of KOR Interior Design and Codie Donahue of Codie Donahue Interior Design, is beautiful.

I have asked, Codie, Keri and Kimberly to take a few minutes and share with you some of the details and inspiration that brought this great room to life. Tonight is the Kickoff Gala for Showcase Home Tour. Cannot make it to this event? There are plenty of opportunities to stop out and tour the home and I am sure one of these talented Interior Designers would be happy to assist you. Call or email them today using the information and links above.

The Dog Days | SMHerrick Photography

Not really a pet photographer…

Here is a great example of why an overcast day beats the pants off of a full Sun, high in the sky, day.

So here is the family pal, Murphy. This photo was taken at 1:00, or there about, in what would have been full sun. More or less in the direction he is looking.

Murph is full of color, and although in need of a good brushing, his coat shows really well in the cloud diffused sunlight. Also take not of the vibrancy of greenery showing from behind the spindles. Very rich. I shot this 1/250s, f/7.1, ISO 400. White balance? Cloudy. Post process? Mild contrast adjustments – as always – and a very slight vignette to bring more attention to his face. Also cleaned a couple of twigs off his forehead and cropped it so it would fit nicely on my blog. I think this could have been a little longer of an exposure. Maybe. Naw, that’s what he looks like and the green is spot on.

The point. Cloudy days are your friend. Shoot like a fool at noon with the sun behind your back. No worries, your shadow will not be in the pic! :)

Happy shooting!

Altermed Acupuncture for Photography | SMHerrick Photography


So I decided I would start running. Not like Forrest Gump. More like, geez I get sedentary in the winter and I need to do something about it. Always thought running would be something I would enjoy. I was right, save for the odd “pain” in my right knee. Nothing that would make me stop what I have started, but certainly something that needed to be addressed and fixed before it became a real issue.

New shoes are the obvious place to start. Having someone that knows how to run watch you run, observe what you may be doing right and wrong and advise you on what could be done better, is also very helpful. Lots of great reading out there. But why not try something new? See what happens. This is where Dr Li Wang comes in.

Dr Li is the owner of AlterMed Acupuncture in Bloomington Minnesota. Look at that smile. There’s a trustworthy Business Portrait if ever I saw one.

I have known Dr Li for years now. Always wanted to give acupuncture a shot. Never felt I had the reason to conquer the fear of having needles stuck in me for healing.

First off, she has the greatest personality. Funny and caring as well as very able to tell you what you are doing wrong. Case in point; she looked at my tongue and could tell that although I had eaten carrots in the last day or so (I had a small bag of baby carrots the day before) I had not been eating green vegetables. What?! How on earth? Very accurate and kind of spooky. Hmm. Broccoli for dinner… tonight.

So we moved on to the fun part. Lay back, relax and… 7 or so needles. No pain, at all. Few in knee, one in foot and one in the ear. Couple of warming lights to heat things up a bit, lights dimmed and nap time. I did try to sneak a couple of shots while immobile. Sorry for the poor focus. Dr Li insisted that I do not move, so I was quite literally shooting from the hip. Dr Li fired off a couple too. Anyway, focus aside, you can get the drift as to what was going on with my knee.

20 minutes of rest was awesome. I really did not feel the needles at all. It was quite relaxing. She returned and pulled the needles, reminded me to work on my stride and left me to gather my belongings and meet her back at the reception area. (Her smile, pictured above, was in reaction to my giddiness over my knee.)

It felt ridiculously good! I am not one to question why or how. Never really understood the need to pick apart something obvious. It was obvious that my knee felt, or perhaps more accurately, didn’t feel weird. For years it had just felt sort of off. Not painful, not stiff, just off. When I ran, not so good. We chatted for a moment and off I went. The following day would be the true test – running day.

Laced up the shoes and drove to the park where I like to run. As I walked for 5 minutes to warm up I started to really doubt that the treatment could have really resolved what issue was going on in my knee. I stretched and started to run.

Just starting this running thing so I am still working up to a continuous length of time. First five minutes at a good pace and knee = nothing. Walked for a bit. 5 more minutes of running and knee = nothing. “No way,” I thought. I continued this for a good half an hour or more. End of it, only the slightest hint of irritation. Nothing even remotely close to what I had felt before. AWESOME!

Never be a skeptic. Dr Li has said many times acupuncture works – she has also said come see me and I will stick it to you – both are accurate. The first of those is an amazing experience I suggest trying and the latter is perfect example of her great sense of humor.

Thanks Dr Li!

Minneapolis Business Portraits | SMHerrick Photography

Now Presenting… You

I am often asked what makes a great Business Portrait, well, great. Is it wardrobe? Setting? Location or Studio? All of the above?

My answer? All of the above and then some.
[itthinx-lazyload load_on_sight=”true”] [/itthinx-lazyload]Most importantly is making sure that the message, or messages, you want to coney are clear. Building off of that makes directing the shoot and creating the appropriate look quite natural.

The Business Portrait shoot above covers many looks. Power. Humor. Art. Casual and Professional. This gentleman needed portraits for a wide range of audiences as well as social media sites. He wanted to present his Business side as will as his Artistic side. All the while maintaining a professional look that could be allow the images to be easily interchanges as he sees fit.

Looking for your first Business Portrait? Wanting to update and existing Business Portrait? Give me a shout or fill send me an email. I would be happy to discuss your needs and wants for your Business Portrait.

How your Editorial will work for you | Business Portraits by SMHerrick Photography

There are pictures, there are words and then there are both: The Editorial

How often do you find yourself sharing the story of your business? Have you ever written this story down? Perhaps shared it on a blog or during a corporate presentation?

Business Portraits in Minneapolis are a must have for any professional. I have written about this ad nauseam throughout this blog. I will not make you look for these posts and instead throw you a quick recap: You have to have a business portrait.

Today, more than ever, our business portrait gets seen. LinkedIn, Facebook, your Blog and countless other areas display your portrait without prejudice. If you do not take care in what you post as your portrait, it may leave the wrong, lasting impression.

So let’s assume you have made the leap to get a great business portrait online. You have also realized that a great way to increase your online presence, perhaps even become an authority figure in your given field, is to write articles. Maybe you have a weekly blog or monthly email you send to your clients. Whatever the case, you can grab a little more attention by adding some editorial photos to your writing.

The Business Portraits above are perfect examples. These convey a message and would easily support a story relating to both professions. When you look at them, what comes to mind? You can almost write a story based on what you see. A good editorial will tie in the pictures and could easily lead to a call to action. Add some really good keywords and tags to the photos, perhaps within the text of your blog post, and you are off and running. (Little SEO 101 for ya.)

Interested in learning more about Business Portraits or Editorial Business Portraits? Shoot me an email or connect with me here. My mini Minneapolis Business Portrait Session is around $100. Editorial Business Sessions start at the same.

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Commercial Steam Team | Business Portraits by SMHerrick Photography

Check out my latest video offering for Minneapolis, MN based cleaning company, Commercial Steam Team. Spots like these take the business portrait to a whole new level. Not only can a client come into the studio for an updated Business Portrait, we can now script out a series of videos and convey virtually any message. YouTube it and raise brand awareness. Awesome.

Thanks for watching.

Learn more about Commercial Steam Team.

5 Reasons to preview a Venue | SMHerrick Wedding Photography

Where was the location again?!

I have heard, several times, that wedding photographers do not habitually preview the wedding venue(s) with the couple to be. This really surprises me, for several reasons. Here are some of my top personal reasons for finding this process a must.

  1. Calming Effect. Nothing removes the jitters for the Bride to be better than letting her know you have a plan and are in control of her wedding photography.
  2. Lighting. This should be every photogs primary concern in any situation. Touring the site is the only way to know what is to be expected. I often visit a site two or more times. I always take into consideration time of day, windows, ambient lighting and so forth. It is also a very good idea to find out if you can use your flash during the ceremony and where you are allowed to stand. These last can ones vary from wedding to wedding and venue to venue!
  3. Know your options. It is important to look for option A,B and C. Weather could impact outdoor shots not only on the day of the wedding but prior to it as well. A fierce storm can easily disrupt a beautiful garden for weeks or even an entire season. I will look for options on premise and off just to make sure the couple get what they want. Knowing these locations well in advance will make it easier to shift in a pinch.
  4. Stage equipment. 3 cameras and only one photographer? I have been in situations where I knew I would need to be moving fast and a lens change would be a time suck I could not afford. I place cameras where I want them, settings and lens ready to go. You can usually find a young child to guard them too… this wins many favors!
  5. You have covered tons of variables and can relax yourself and enjoy the process. If you are not having fun, people will notice it. If you are not prepared, it can easily be reflected in the finished product and your bottom line.

Wedding Photography is wonderfully rewarding. Be prepared, enjoy yourself and have success!

How to get to know your locksmith

So we all make mistakes. Keys locked in a car is a drag. Your keys locked in your car with you standing on the outside of your car is a superior drag.

If you are in the Minneapolis and St. Paul and surrounding areas, I strongly suggest giving Pop-A-Lock a call. Crazy fast service. Great price point and really, really nice and professional people.

Of course being a business owner and picking up on what was an excellent business model, plus never missing the opportunity to take a portrait, I decided I would reach out to the owner. Grab a cup of Joe, snap a pic or two, see what I could learn from another business owner.

First thing was this guy knows coffee shops. (Read about that experience here.) Got to this place, Diamonds Coffee Shoppe in NE Minneapolis, a couple moments early. Killer atmosphere. Amazing coffee and yes I would love a second cup if anyone reading wants to meet for one. Second thing, customers first. I was happy to hear that I could snap a couple of pics, once I saw the nature with which he conducted his business, I felt really privileged to steal some of his time. Mach Ten with his hair on fire. The several calls that interrupted our dialog, which he always paused and apologized for having to take, proved not to be annoying, but admirable from a business perspective.

Notice the second cell phone? Crazy. I have a hard time with one!

Anyway, of all the things I have learned about his industry, no I cannot open locks now so do not call me, one of them really stuck. If you are a parent, if you own a car, if you have ever come close to, or feared, locking your car while juggling the milk, the briefcase and Happy Meal, only to realize your little one is patiently waiting all safe and secure in the car seat, put these people in your cell phone directory!!! (Or, they have an App… I do not have an app!) They will open your car door for free if your child, or pet, is locked inside! That is amazing.

Thanks for the time Mark! I wish Pop-A-Lock continued success. Definitely worth a Yelp! or Google review… think I will do that now.

Senior Portraits in Minneapolis

Senior Portraits

Love this shot. Very casual and believe it or not, fairly candid. I told this Senior I was going to get close to check the lighting. Sort of the truth. I was taking a quick reading, but moreover, I wanted to get a less than posed close-up. The wind caught her hair at the right moment. Voila. Natural smile, pose and just a wonderful pic!

Check out the entire gallery HERE!

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Read all about my approach to creating amazing Senior Portraits.

Two Minutes of Light

Thanks for checking out my Photography tutorials page. One of my goals is to provide you with really sound tips, tricks, advice and creative ideas that will help you create better.

My primary goal is to keep the information simple to understand and easy to follow in small bits and pieces. I use simple terms and make comparisons that everyone can relate to.

I will present a two minute, or close to it, video with each tutorial. I may also provide some further reading or links to other sites that you may use to further your understanding on a given subject.


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