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Attention to detail is important. So is showing off the best assets and minimizing things that are perhaps, better suited for the background. I draw from years of Architectural Photography experience. I know what looks good. I know how to make things look great.

Getting noticed

I think it is easy to agree that this is the primary objective when listing a property. How do you go about getting noticed? Is it amenities? Is it location? Is it price, marketing, staging, location, or one of dozens of others? I am sure it is truly, all of the above and so much more.

Let’s Head straight to the bottom line: Pricing

My Real Estate Photography pricing is straightforward and easy to understand. Take a look through the images, read the my reviews, and see how hard I work to make your listings stand out.

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Every Package Includes:

Professional Photography

Perhaps this should go without saying but I promise the highest quality photography that will tell the story of the property

  • Multiple Angles
  • Professionally Retouched
  • Next Day Turnaround

Images that are ready to be put to work

  • Downloadable for marketing materials
  • Customizable slideshow tours with music
  • Mobile compatible
  • Next business day turn around

Additional Services:

Evening Shoots

Beautiful shots of the Exterior of the property that add a radiant, eye-catching, glow to the listing.

  • Front Only – $175
  • Front and Back – $225

Seasonal Update

This drive-by shot is perfect to catch the changing leaves or freshly fallen snow. Also great for Exterior Updates

  • Front of property – $50

Now Let's Talk About The Loyalty Program

These are perks you will not find anywhere else. Call it my Value Proposition if you will.

Keep Yourself Current

Free Annual Business Portrait

Thank Your Clients

With a Free Family Portrait Session

Productive Tools

These tools will help you, help your clients

Stay Connected

Workshops to Promote You

Payment Options

Deferred, Budgeted, Lots of ways to go

Volume Discounts

You Know Your Numbers, Let's Plan Ahead

New Agents

You Want to Jump In, Let's Do Just That

Marketing Materials

Newsletters, Flyers, Branded Videos, and more

I created my Loyalty Program with your success in mind. So what do all the fun icons and catchphrases above mean?

  • You need to stay current, so I offer to you a Free updated Business Portrait each year
  • You love your clients, you want to thank them for choosing you as their Realtor. So, for every five homes I photograph for you, I will give you a Gift Certificate for a Free Family Portrait Session. Pass this along to the customer of yours that you know will appreciate it. A great thank you that will keep you in their mind – when they, or someone they know needs a Realtor
  • Productivity is key. I have created tools that help get the job done, track success, and promote you
  • Staying connected is super important. If you are not touching your previous clients with some frequency, you are losing potential sales. I have workshops designed to help you do just that
  • Payment plans are unheard of in Real Estate Photography. You know your numbers and you know your goals. Let’s use that info and build a budget that works for you
  • The name of the game in Real Estate is volume. More calls equals more leads. It also means more listings. More listings means better pricing on your Real Estate Photography
  • As a new Real Estate agent, you may be feeling the strain on the marketing budget. I have several options to help you stretch those dollars between first listing and first closing
  • Marketing Materials are your best friends and I have dozens of items you will love

A Real Estate Gallery and then some…

Crisp, bright and vibrant. Your property photos will jump off the screen. Share them on Social Media. Invite your buyers and sellers to share the gallery with their friends and family. The more excitement, the more sharing, the more your Agency’s presence will grow. Click through the images below. Take a close look and discover how easy it is to share these images.

Real Estate Slide Shows…

Video Slide Shows attract attention. Your potential clients will be engaged. You can post these on Facebook, Google, YouTube and more. I have several templates to choose from. Your Branded videos will have Your Branding, not mine. When it comes to MLS standards, no Branding is allowed, so a special video will be created specifically for those of postings.

See examples of my Real Estate Photography & Slide Shows

Real Estate Blogroll

No more items


I like information and am a research junkie. If you are of the same nature, read on.

The Shoot

I understand the time crunch you are under. I know that the papers have just been signed and the ink may still be wet. First thing you need are pics. No one wants to post a new listing to MLS with generic images. Or worse, poor images. I process images and have them ready to go within 24 hours. Guaranteed.

The Galleries

As a Real Estate Photographer, I know there are rules that must be followed. I know how careful you have to be when post to MLS or your own website. We will work together to make sure Branding, Keywords, Contact Info, and the like are present where they can be and not present, where they cannot be.

Digital Download

Images are made available to you via DropBox. Images will be in several formats: High-Res, Printable, and of course, web ready.

Total Perspectives

I will cover all the major areas of the home and grab some detail shots. You will have plenty of photos to choose from when creating the story of the home.

Image Sharing

Home owners love to see beautiful pics of their home. They enjoy posting them to social media. Let them. Help them. With my galleries, your real estate brand will soar in popularity. One click sharing of images is at their, and your, fingertips.

Slideshows, videos, video tours, and branding

Again, I know what you can and cannot do. From your personal site, to your Facebook Page, to Google +, to your flyers and more. We can and will do everything that helps you, help your customers. Buyers, sellers, or investors.

Coffee time!

Let’s grab a cup of Joe and get this ball rolling:

952 452 4044 or EMAIL ME