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Real Estate Staging in Minneapolis

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Real Estate Staging and being clever?

We have all heard that it is vitally important to depersonalize a property prior to showing it. Removing excess family photos, personal artifacts, even hair shampoo, are things that should be suggested to homeowners as they prepare their home for open houses and showings. However, it is very important to remember that as humans, we need to be able to relate. An empty shell is not the answer. Complete removal of the human element is not a good idea when staging for Real Estate. Take a look at these next few images.

real estate staging

Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography

Cute bathroom. It was a fresh remodel in this charming home in Minneapolis. The “Duckie Bath,” as it was appropriately named, became a feature point. It was something to talk about, it was personalized, it kept the home in mind when potential buyers walked through. Who could forget it?

Although it is important to keep in mind that an over abundance of personal effects in a home that is going on the market may distract buyers, showing a home with personality cannot be undervalued. Be cautious. Step back, assess, edit, and create a memory for potential buyers.

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If you have some extra time, check out my Real Estate Photography Galleries for more examples of my work.

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