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Senior Pictures Ideas

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Looking for Senior Pictures inspiration?

How about that Prom Dress you wore? It would be perfect for your Senior Pictures?


Your Senior Pictures should be all about you. What better way to express yourself than showing off that prom dress. You spent plenty of time selecting that perfect dress. Put it on one more time and let’s get some great shots of you in it.

Although the studio shots certainly look glamorous, there is no reason to stay inside. We can urbanize it. Go to junkyard. Hit a waterfall. You name it.

How do you incorporate your prom dress in to your Senior Pictures? A good idea is to sit down with your photographer and discuss your plans, ideas and hopes. Your photographer has worked with many seniors for their pictures and will have some great advice in terms of locations and how long it will take to create a look specific to your wants for your senior pictures.

Having worked with models and actresses, I know exactly what it takes in terms of time to switch gears from casual attire to evening dress. From there we need the perfect lighting and a great location.

Here are some quick points to think about:

  • How long will it take to change in to the dress?
    • 10 minutes or 30?
  • How easy will it be to move around in the dress?
    • Sometimes the best look for a shot means doing a little climbing, hiking, or who knows what. Can you do this in the dress?
  • What happens if the dress gets dirty?
    • You have probably heard of “trash the dress” sessions for Brides. Doing this for Senior Pictures is trending. But, there is a good possibility that the dress will get dirty just because of the location. Is that cool?
  • Do you need an assistant during your Senior Picture Session?
    • This is always a good idea in any case.
    • An extra set of eyes on the dress is super helpful.
    • An extra pair of hands keeping it off the ground when walking is also a very good thing.

Make sure your senior pictures are everything you expected and more. Think outside the box and have fun with it.

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