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Senior Pictures in Minneapolis

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Senior Pictures that are stunning.


Senior Pictures time is just about here. Time to start digging in to what make an awesome senior portrait session. You need to pick a photog, decide on a location and then narrow down your wardrobe selections! I can help with all of that.

Let’s start by picking apart some Senior Pictures

Or at least one for now. Take a look at this senior portrait. Perfect. The natural lighting is warm and flattering. Her pose is very natural and relaxed. Her hair is casual and flows in harmony with her blouse. Nice chunky necklace for a little sophistication that goes perfectly with the pleats in her blouse. The blue on the left cools the photo just enough while complementing the warmth of the rest of the scene.

The eyes have it. For high school senior pictures, I always make sure that my client’s eyes are vibrant and clear. I do not like to go overboard with this as it tends to look unnatural if you are not careful. A quick skin check, and this photo made it to the top of the list in her senior portraits proof book.

Getting creative ideas for senior portraits is not all that difficult. Getting those ideas in to the camera takes dedication and skill. I would love to hear some of your ideas for your senior pictures. Shoot me an email and let’s see what we can make happen!

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