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Senior Pictures in Shakopee, Minnesota

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Senior Pictures and a little music.

Senior Pictures Ideas

My last Senior Pictures post talked a bit about lighting and pose. Wardrobe and eyes. This post I want to talk a little more about making sure all elements of your personality are clearly visible and creatively cool.

In the above pic, we wanted to showcase this senior’s musical talent. Senior Pictures with music instruments as props often times become a little cliche. And although I think there is nothing wrong with the nice pose and the instrument in plain view, and we did get a couple of snaps like that, I think it is super important to experiment and get outside the box.

While on location, we came upon this tunnel/drainage walkway area. It was dark, full of graffiti and really not super interesting. However, with proper exposure and some attention paid to pose and position, we created something quite amazing. There is Just enough foreground so he does not look to be floating. It becomes quite blown out just beyond his feet. If he were standing another two feet back, the shot would have been useless as he would have looked as though he was not standing on the ground. The curved, cement ceiling gives an obvious dome effect. Amphitheater + Viola = Cool Senior Pictures with a nod to musical interests.

On top off all of that, he was playing while I was shooting. Looked awesome and sounded awesome.

What music instruments do you play? Are you hoping to creatively incorporate them in to your Senior Pictures? If you have a second, shoot me an email with your thoughts.

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