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Senior Portraits in Minneapolis Class of 2016

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8 steps for choosing a perfect location for Senior Portraits in Minneapolis

Class of 2015, you were amazing. I want to take a couple of moments to thank you all for allowing me to part of your year and having my studio take your Senior Portraits. You all ROCK! Now, Class of 2016, it is your turn to get some amazing Senior Portraits. How do we go about getting senior picture awesomeness? Let’s start with locations for getting your Senior Pictures taken.


Senior Portraits and why location matters

Location, Location, Location… first off, the Twin Cities are absolutely chock full of locations. Parks, water, forests, art, buildings, old alleys, new architecture, skylines, and on and on, the options are limitless. Move a little out of the cities themselves, the Arboretum, Excelsior, the Conservatory, and every base is covered.


So where do you begin in selecting a location? Great question.

  1. Pick a photographer that gets it. Many studios offer predefined “cool” locations. They may lock you in to using their outdoor settings. They may charge you more for heading to the “cities.” Look at it this way, would you ever sit down at a restaurant that only serves you the burger “they know you’ll like?” That would be absurd. How could a restaurant know what you like before you arrive? Same goes for your Senior Pics. Let’s talk about what you like and then go find that place. Wherever it is!
  2. Pick your favorite time of year. There are deadlines for turning in your Yearbook photo, but that does not mean you cannot, or should not, get your pics done during your favorite season. I have scheduled Senior Portraits for the middle of winter, well past yearbook deadline. Does this mean you get a generic pic in the yearbook? Nope. If needed, we schedule your main shoot for the time of year you love, and schedule a mini-shoot so you can have a great yearbook pic.
  3. Pick your preferred time of day. Morning person, awesome. Like to sleep until noon or later? Perfect too. I never sleep, just kidding, but I am open to scheduling your senior pics around what works best for you. I never tell people when their pics are happening, I ask what works best for them and make it happen.
  4. Make a checklist of wants. Some like an urban feel, others prefer a little country, and some want a mix of both. In any case, you need to make sure you ask for what you want, or you may not get it. I have an online questionnaire that does most of the work for you. Very helpful.

Continue reading: 8 steps for choosing perfect Senior Portraits Locations Part II tomorrow.

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