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Senior Portraits Lemon Style

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“She wore Lemon…”


If you can tell me who said that… I will give you… a Senior Portrait Session… 1 Hour. Free. 🙂


  • Post answer on one of the two social sites I shared this post.
  • MUST BE SPECIFIC: Who said it? Who was around them when they said (this can be a little general)? What year was it when they said it?
  • Discount cannot be applied to existing sessions, upcoming, scheduled, and so on. In other words, New Senior Portraits Sessions Only.
  • Do not spoil this for others – if you know the answer, and are like 70 years of age, feel good and accept my praise of your Pop Culture Trivia knowledge, but do not post the answer here.
  • You must be in the High School Class of 2016 in order to win/claim session.
  • One winner. First correct answer. Based on Social Media Timestamp.
  • Photo Shoot will take place on location in the Minneapolis/St Paul Metro Area
  • Winner will be contacted with complete details – legal stuff that I am obligated to share
  • Confirmed winner will be posted on Social Sites and my Website


Check out this look recently posted on a favorite site of mine… Polyvore. Can you wear Lemon? Sure you can.

MariaOnPoint: Trendy Thursday - Lemon & Limes