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Senior Portraits and the Perfect Location

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You are getting ready for your Senior Portraits…

Wardrobe picked? Great! Have some pose ideas? Great! Haven’t a clue on location? Not a problem.

Senior Portraits in Minneapolis

Finding that great location is not always as easy as you may think. I want you to have not only an amazing set of proofs from your Senior Portraits Session, I want you to have great time getting the shots and looks you want. Your session should be a bit of an adventure. I have fun on my shoots, so should you. The best way to do this is to absolutely nail the location.

This is all about you. The location we choose should be all about you as well. Is it urban? Is it rural? Water? Trees? Sewer pipes? Or, like above, a parking garage in downtown Minneapolis? When I help you pick a location, we are going to talk about your ideas. I am going to listen to you. Then I will make suggestions. When we arrive on location, there are going to be countless mini-locations. Again, going back to the photo above, we did not head out to this parking garage specifically, but we out ourselves downtown, in a very industrial area, where we knew there would be interesting and unique settings. This senior had a ton of shots, rural to urban. All because of location, location, location.

If you would like to discuss the options we offer or the ideas we can come up with, shoot us a message right here.

Seen enough and are ready to schedule? Do that here.

Want to read more? Do that here.

Have an amazing Senior Year!

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