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Senior Portraits in Minneapolis
Senior Portraits

Stop, look and…

We have all heard this a million times and I am sure you can finish the sentence without my help. What does this before-you-cross-the-railroad-tracks expression have to do with Senior Portraits? A lot. Well, sort of.

Here at the studio, I twist it around a bit to suit my clients needs. I listen, we stop, and we look. Getting to know what you like and what you want from your Senior Portraits is the first part: My Listening. You share with me what it is you expect. What you have seen that you like. What you do not like. From there, the session takes over and we nail the pics and looks you want. The shot below is a great example. Slowing down, we saw these rusty pipes – that were covering a sewer access… yuck… but we also notice the cool dead and dried out vines set back behind the posts. Perfect. Casual. Relaxed. Little edge. Little mellow. Exactly what was wanted.

Senior Portraits and the finishing touches…

Who doesn’t like punchy colors, blown out whites, over-saturated blues, tweaked color palettes and some old-fashion Sepia from time to time? Your Senior Portraits will reflect you when you choose my studio. Not what I think is “it trend.” I know what the trends are. And I will show you what is all the rage right now. If you do not like it, cool by me. What do you like? Let’s do it that way.

Let’s run with it.

Above all else, let’s talk while we shoot. Look around and see what we can see. Shoot wherever we want. Create some awesome Senior Portraits that you will love. That is what it is all about.

Your Year. Your Pics. Your Way.

I would love the opportunity to work with you and create some awesome Senior Portraits. Studio, location, wherever. When you are ready to discuss it…

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