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Colorful Senior Portraits

Color Wash is not only a laundry cycle, it is also one of the many custom color presets I use when I process your Senior Portraits. Colorful Senior Portraits is more than just having a blue sky or a green tree in the background. It is about knowing how to process your images to give them a punchy, rich look. Contrast needs to be tweaked, blacks and whites need to register correctly and colors should come to life. However, there is something to be said for pushing the envelop with color too. We can dull it, exaggerate it, and change it. Let’s have some fun with your Senior Portraits and use colorful highlights as a statement. Color wash to traditional finish, take a look at the gallery below and then reach out to the studio and let’s set up your Colorful Senior Portrait Session.

Have your own ideas when it comes to creating some Colorful Senior Portraits? Awesome! I would love to hear about your ideas and thoughts and see what kind of plan we can come up with for session. Shoot me a message right Here!

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Hair, MakeUp, Senior Portraits

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Looking your absolute best! Hair, Makeup, Senior Portraits. Is there any better combination? Only if you add the services of Marni Force (Hair and Makeup Artist) and SMHerrick Photography (Senior Portrait Photography). We want you to love the finished look of your Senior Portraits. Marni and I have teamed up to make sure you do...

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Senior Portraits 2017 – Express Yourself

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Senior Portraits 2017 – Be Expressive! Whether you are a dancer, an athlete, a musician, or a writer, this is the time to be yourself and be expressive. I am a huge fan of studio shoots for shots like the above. I am also a fan of keeping it simple and keeping you at the...

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Senior Portraits and the Perfect Location

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You are getting ready for your Senior Portraits… Wardrobe picked? Great! Have some pose ideas? Great! Haven’t a clue on location? Not a problem. Finding that great location is not always as easy as you may think. I want you to have not only an amazing set of proofs from your Senior Portraits Session, I...

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