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Before diving in to it… Thank you for choosing SMHerrick Photography!

Your Rights and Mine.

As a portrait and commercial photographer it is a given, especially in today’s on-the-web and image-craving society, that I will do my best to keep the content on my website fresh and current. I do a lot of this with words and of course, photography. The words you have read and images you have seen are ultimately what brought you to this page.

Although I do hire models from time to time to pose for marketing material and images that I will use on my site, I also post images from my clients’ photo shoots. Although I try to let people know I am posting or using their portraits online, it does not always happen. So, it is best to assume I am going to. And that you have given me consent to do so by hiring my studio.

But please know this…

I will never, ever, post an image that has your name, business name, address, phone, email or any other identifying information on it, or in the file. I take extreme care to remove all digital markings from photos I post online. In all reality, I do not want your information in the images, I want mine. So, each image is tagged, copyrighted, and edited to display only items I want displayed, such as my phone number, email, website, copyright info, and I then finish it off with specific keywords such as Senior Portraits in Eden Prairie by SMHerrick Photography, Senior Pictures, Senior Portraits in Minneapolis and the list would go on.


I get that the above precautions may not be sufficient. If so, please let me know and I will make sure your images do not get posted on my site.

Thank you once more. I look forward to working with you.