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Wedding Photography in Minneapolis
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Unobstructed Views

Let’s get free and clear of what is in our mind’s eye. Let’s see what we can see. Photographic Art with a mission.


I like to get out and see what the world wants to show me. The page you are visiting is called Unobstructed because that is the motivating factor behind each and every shot that will be posted here. My hopes are to not only find views to share with you that are without noise and clutter, but without the obstruction of what we feel we need to see. Rather, I want to find and share what can be seen.

In the coming months, I will be collecting these images and offering them as a coffee table book. In the mean time, if a particular image grabs your attention and you would like a copy, let me know. I will be listing images for sale as well – when the time feels right and if I feel I want to release them. Some, such as the one above, have very personal connections between myself and another. Not sure I want to let that image go to print.

Enjoy. And again, drop me line if you care to: EMAIL THE PHOTOGRAPHER