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Still Life Photography
Still Life Photography

Sometimes you just see something that needs to photographed. Pasta on the counter, a flower arrangement, clothes strewn about the bed. You get the idea. This is Still Life Photography. It is about simply capturing the things around us in a static moment.

It is possible to take a little creative liberty with the your Still Life Photography. In the example above, I took a handful of clothes pins and stuck them together. It was not an easy feat as the pins wanted to do their own thing. I really did not guide the direction of the pins. My only desire was that there were only a few pins touching the surface. I wanted the group to more or less float. I believe in this image there are only three points of contact on the surface. I called this image Dragon. It was not until post-processing that I saw what looks like a Dragon. Happy accident and one of the interesting things about Still Life Photography. You never know what you will get.


A little more traditional. This time I simply dropped the pins and took the pic. I did this a few times. Nothing intended. Just hap and circumstance.


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